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Primalix KC

Ready to orderPrimalix KC?Then click here. If you’ve read all about the side-effects that chemical-based antibiotics and cough suppressants can cause, then you should be justifiably concerned. And you may well be wondering, what other options are available then? Well, we have great news for you, because there is a highly-effective, safe, chemical-free, 100% natural […]

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Antibiotics And Their Side-Effects

Ready to orderPrimalix KC?Then click here. As we said in our previous article, Vets And Kennel Cough, if you take your sick dog to the vet’s, they will most likely prescribe antibiotics. So let’s look at some of the more popular antibiotics they might give your dog. Sulfa/Trimethoprim First on the list is a range […]

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Vets And Kennel Cough

Ready to orderPrimalix KC?Then click here. You found this site because you were looking for a safe, effective way to treat your dog or cat for kennel cough, and preferably one that won’t cost you an arm or a leg or require you to take out a second mortgage. Well, we have something you need […]

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