Bordetella Vaccines – Are They Worth The Risk?


Courtney, we’re very sorry to hear this news and we wished that you could have found us BEFORE getting your beloved pet vaccinated. We cannot even tell you how sad this make us feel to hear about these tragedies.

As you can see from this site and all of our other pet/health sites, we are totally against all vaccinations as they do far more harm than good in our experience.

Through our many sites/blogs, by email, chat, phone, etc. we’ve been in contact with thousands of pet owners and it is the same scenario over and over and over, again and again and again: take a healthy pet (both dogs and cats) to the vet for vaccinations, then within a few days or a couple of weeks, all hell breaks loose.

The animal appears to have bad allergic reactions and/or comes down with the very thing(s) the vaccine is meant to protect against.

It is atrocious, but healthy animals are getting extremely sick and dying soon after receiving vaccinations.

People constantly try to argue how minuscule these outcomes are, or there’s a one in a million chance that your pet will experience any problems.

Well you know what, as far as we’re concerned, our pets are not just numbers on a report, we are not just numbers on a report, and frankly neither should you, your children or your pets be just numbers on some f’ing report.

“One in a million chance”, that is not even a line of logic, that’s simply regurgitated propaganda that drug pushers (i.e. vets) use to sell their products to the masses of the brainwashed.

Everyone has an agenda, just follow the money. Vaccinations are a cash-cow-bonanza that ain’t going away anytime soon.

If someone gave you “free samples” that you in turn resold (or administered for a fee), for let’s say $50 or more a pop, why would you turn that down? If you did this 10 times a day, then that’s a $500 or more payday.

All you have to do is repeat that 5-minute transaction a few times per week and your monthly bills are paid; the other three weeks of the month is all about gravy to pay for your shiny new Porsche.

Now, the gravy train doesn’t stop there. Once the vaccinations are administered, the clock starts, and it only will be a matter of time before you will have to make additional office visits to treat the various side-effects of these highly toxic chemical cocktails known as vaccines.

OK, here comes a broken record: vaccinations are KILLING animals and people too. If there is anyone out there thinking of giving us a lecture on the benefits of these “wonder drugs”, don’t even bother. We will trash you and whatever flimsy BS statistics or mindless propaganda that you submit. Not only will we humiliate you on this blog, but we will do the same on a ton more of our other sites, and once we’re done with that we’ll then spread your good news all over the Internet as well.

This is just a reminder: drug manufacturers give lots of incentives (sweetheart deals) to get drug pushers (like vets) to aggressively sell their drugs in order to get masses of asses into the clinics for multiple procedures, repeat prescriptions, and other costly activities. It is nothing but a residual-income-generating scam that lines their pockets with an almost endless source of easy cheap revolving-door cash deposits.

Isn’t it time to say no to being a lab rat who is actually paying for the privilege? Why experiment with your heath, your children’s health, or your pet’s heath?

A dog far too young gave her life for this experiment. Indeed, this is a sad tragedy that may have been preventable.

As far as we’re concerned, the key is to build your pet’s immune system up, remove all chemicals from the house/garden, do not use drugs/chemicals as remedies, and feed your pets a high-quality pet food that is chemical-free as well.

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7 Responses to “Bordetella Vaccines – Are They Worth The Risk?”

  1. Val says:

    Can I try a free sample for the three kittens that are still ill?

    If it is as good as you say, I will add it to my web pages and promote it.

    Many Thanks,


  2. Rae and Mark says:


    We are only a small Non-Profit Organisation, and don’t have the funds to supply free samples, as well as which, there are no sample-sized bottles available for these products.

    However, if you do want to promote these products, then please feel free to join the affiliate program.


  3. Megan says:

    I would like to see the facts behind this posting, please. I have a dog that was given his first bordetella, then a booster, and the vets office messed up and gave him a 3rd bordetella without asking. Please provide me with facts showing the shot is causing illness and death in dogs which prompted this post. I am not in any way saying they are not, I just haven’t ever seen evidence that they are. If there is evidence behind this and if my puppy gets sick or dies we will be suing them for giving him shots we did not give permission for them to give.

  4. Rae and Mark says:


    Unfortunately, facts about vaccinations are extremely hard to come by.

    The problem is, most studies are funded by the manufacturers themselves, and from what we have been able to uncover, the amount of real testing that is carried out is surprisingly, if not shockingly, small.

    What we did find was a statement by a former vaccine developer who said that vaccines can cause the very illness they’re meant to protect against (as well as other diseases too) – see for more details. However, this comment was not specific to the Bordetella vaccine.

    You’ll also find a wealth of great material at and, but again, nothing specific to kennel cough.

    Another good resource is Natural Immunity by Pat McKay. You can either buy a copy of the book on (, or read it for free online here:

    So, the only evidence we can offer you about the Bordetella vaccine is what people have said on this page, and we have to assume that there is no reason for them to lie about their experiences. Having said that, we have spoken to a ton of people whose dogs got the Canine Parvovirus within days, or even hours, of being given their Parvo shots – all vaccines carry risks, and we’ve worked with enough pet owners (as an example, we have helped treat well over 4,500 dogs for Parvo using our natural products and home remedies) to know that we’re not talking about isolated incidents here.

    We suggest you invest in a Daily Maintenance Kit ( We use this with our dogs every day to help keep them healthy, but it can also be used to detox a dog after it has been given any shots (although we also recommend using it before vaccination too). If you really want extra protection, then we suggest the Mega Detox Kit (, which contains both products from the Daily Maintenance Kit as well as a third product, MaxoTox, which is a great natural detox product.

    We hope your dog stays healthy.

  5. Steve says:

    Hilarious. You are condemning the vets and drug companies while pushing your own product as an alternative. Surely only a complete idiot would be blind to your charade.

  6. Rae and Mark says:


    We were going to say that what’s hilarious is your blind faith in Big Pharma, but it’s not funny at all – their toxic drugs are injuring and killing both people and animals every day, aided and abetted by people like you who don’t appear to have the ability to think for themselves.

    In our view, only a complete idiot would willingly inject proven neurotoxins (e.g. aluminum and mercury) into poor, defenceless animals, and if you’re OK with this then you’re clearly not fit to have pets in the first place.

    Did you even bother to look around this site and read the experiences of some of our visitors – the ones whose dogs got sick, or even died, after being given a supposedly “safe” vaccine by their “caring” vet? Or are you saying that they are all lying too?

    As you seem unable to do your own research, here are a couple of sites to get you started:

  7. karin Dunn says:

    Our dauchsund was vacinate for Kennel Cough and then came down with the Kennel Cough as well as a full blown immune disorder of her body killing off all her red blood cells, pulling her down to a 4 count of her red blood cells, nearly died, expensive blood transfusions, expensive meds

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