Can You Trust Your Vet?


This article is a direct response to a comment made by Lynn on our Bordetella Vaccine page.

We’ve talked at length before about our generally low opinion of vets (although we’re not tarring them all with the same brush, as we do know there are some very good ones out there who genuinely seem to care), so, is there anything else to say that we’ve not said before?

Well, actually, yes, there is!

What Lynn has said demonstrates that her vet very clearly cares more about the money than he does about the animals.

The Bordetella vaccine is NOT necessary, especially as Lynn’s dog never goes anywhere and is never boarded (facts which her vet knew) – kennel cough is rarely fatal, or even serious, and should your dog become infected, you’d be far better dealing with it at the time (e.g. using a natural, herbal product, such as Primalix KC, that has no dangerous side-effects and which will probably cost you less than the cost of the vaccination and office visit anyway).

But this vet has stooped to a new low – by deliberately injecting her dog with toxic chemicals, which are proven to cause problems, or even worse, death, and then using underhand, unethical methods to hide this fact.

Supposing the tables were turned, and this vet took his child to a doctor, and that doctor gave the vet’s child controversial vaccinations (e.g. MMR), without telling him. And suppose the child then became autistic? How would he feel then?

Well, that’s exactly what he did with Lynn’s dog (and who knows how many other animals).

Whether or not her dog shows any side-effects from this vaccine remains to be seen, but if there’s one thing you can bank on, it’s that the vet won’t admit liability should this happen – they will use every excuse in the book to avoid admitting that their “treatments” cause any problems at all.

If, as Lynn says, she was not notified of this shot, in spite of what her receipt says, then she very definitely needs to change vets immediately – he clearly cannot be trusted – and perhaps she should seek legal action to stop him from deliberately harming any other animals.

But that’s the sort of thing that happens when somewhere around half their yearly income comes from giving animals vaccinations (many of which are unnecessary and even dangerous, such as these kennel cough shots and annual boosters). They use coercion and intimidation to scare people into giving healthy and sick animals these toxic chemicals, knowing full well they’ve just increased the likelihood that your pet will become sick, thus necessitating multiple return visits from you.

Vaccinations are a cash cow, plain and simple.

Are you happy about your vet having a very nice, lavish lifestyle at the expense of your pet’s health, or even his life? We know we wouldn’t be!

So, what are the morals of this story?

Well, firstly, do NOT let your vet do anything to your dog without your explicit agreement first.

Don’t let them befuddle you with their so-called science either – make them explain exactly what they’re giving, why, and what the potential side-effects are (because all drugs have them – a fact that is easily verified using Google).

They may well try to say that there are no side-effects, but there is a ton of evidence to prove that this is not true. You only have to read some of the other comments on the Bordetella Vaccine page to see this, and that’s just a tiny sampling of pet owners who have been affected by dangerous chemicals given under the guise of necessary vaccinations.

Alternatively, you could read some of the excellent books on our Recommended Reading List, where you’ll find even more evidence and tales of woe.

They may, on the other hand, admit to some side-effects, but claim that they’re very rare.

Well, be that as it may – but if it’s your dog that dies as a result of drugs, it really doesn’t matter, to you, whether one in ten dogs are affected or one in a million, because either way, you’ve lost your dog.

Remember, there are very few mandatory vaccinations in the USA – rabies is one, and some states may list a few others, especially if you are breeding and selling dogs.

But the Bordetella vaccine is definitely not required by law, so don’t be browbeaten into agreeing to a vaccine that is not necessary, either legally or medically.

Next, our recommendation is to stay away from vets completely, unless there is something you really cannot do at home yourself. This might include setting a broken limb, surgery (assuming it’s actually necessary), and maybe dental work.

There is very little that you cannot do at home using natural products – yes, you may need to do some research, but that’s far better than entrusting your family pet to somebody whose only goal is to make excessive amounts of money from you (did you know the mark-up on vaccines runs into the thousands of percent?) by loading your beloved pet up with a cocktail of toxic chemicals (many vaccines still contain a form of mercury, which is always poisonous).

And in case you were wondering, we do follow our own advice – we don’t even know who or where our nearest vet is. (We never advise people to do something with their own pets that we don’t or wouldn’t do with our own.)

So, in conclusion, the safest policy, from your pet’s perspective, is never to assume that your vet cares for your animal; most of the ones we hear about from our thousands of customers are only interested in one thing – your money, and they’ll do whatever they can to continue extracting as much as possible from you, even if it costs your pet their life.

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