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5 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Kathy says:

    Can you tell me more about what is in your natural treatments, where I can purchase them and how much they are?

  2. Rae and Mark says:


    Thanks for your question.

    We’ve now added the ingredients to the Kennel Cough Treatment Revealed page – if you move your mouse over the product names, you should see a yellow box appear that describes the ingredients of each product.

    Although there are retailers who sell these products in retail stores, we don’t have any information about where you would find such stores, especially in Canada, as we only re-sell these products ourselves via our website (i.e. we are not the manufacturer).

    The Kennel Cough Gold Kit is $125 USD in the 1oz. size, and $420 USD in the 4oz. size. You will find Add To Cart buttons just below the list of the products and their ingredients.

    Please note that we have separate kits for dogs and cats, so you need to make sure you order the correct one for your specific pet(s).

    In terms of shipping, we can offer USPS Priority Mail International, USPS Express Mail International, FedEx Economy International and FedEx Priority International. Alternatively, some customers in Canada have products shipped to a friend in the US, and then drive over the border to pick them up, as this can save both time and money, depending on where you are in Canada. If you are able to do this, then we can also use USPS Priority Mail, FedEx 2 Day, FedEx Express Saver and FedEx Overnight.

    Our shipping deadline is 3:00pm Mountain Standard Time (which is GMT – 7), Monday through Friday.

    Finally, we do offer 24 x 7 phone support to all our customers, but only to our own customers.

    Best wishes,

    Rae & Mark

  3. Carolina Kowalski says:

    my little teacup schnauzer is 3 months old.. she had the Bordetella shot on Sept 18 and since then has been coughing.. mostly during the night and morning. The breeder gave me antibiotics and cough syrup which helps during the night when she coughs but I don’t want to keep giving her medicine.. I’d like to find something natural that will help her. Can you tell me which of your products would work best to fight this cough?
    Also, is it normal for her to have the cough for over 2 weeks now?

  4. Mrs. Reid says:

    No question but a thank-you. Fortunately my vet lets me sign a waiver for bordetella or any URI’s for my animals when/if I need to board them there, but it’s been impossible to have my dog enroll in any kind of a class or a socialization arrangement without ALL standard vaccines. It’s quite frustrating.

    The current N1H1 fiasco is opening more and more people’s eyes to the danger of vaccines. Any thinking mind should wonder why we should inject a virus and chemicals into a perfectly healthy being, but I guess no thinking is required if they just get the shots.

    Thank you, and please keep adding YouTube videos to spread the word against vaccines.

  5. JANET JUBILEE says:

    My Attorney made me a waiver so I could not be blackmailed into a rabies poison shot while having my cats spayed. No one is bound to obey an unjust law that does not stop disease. All shots contain filth and the rabies shot is the worst-(not effective either}.

    Janet’s rant

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