Dog Friendly Hotels And Other Ways To Avoid Having To Vaccinate Your Pet


We’ve already talked at great length about why we don’t believe in vaccinating animals, particularly in our article about the Bordetella vaccine, and if you think we’re making all of this up, then you should read the many comments we’ve received from visitors to this site, where their own pets have got sick, or even worse, died, because of this unnecessary vaccination.

However, we also appreciate that if you are going away and are thinking of boarding your pet, then most kennels and catteries will insist on seeing proof that your pet is up-to-date with his shots (which will typically include kennel cough / Bordetella, and maybe Parvo as well as others).

If, like us, you don’t believe in subjecting your beloved pet to what is basically an unproven experiment, and one that could kill your animal, then what other alternatives are there?

We’ve done some research, and we are pleased to offer you a few alternatives to the traditional boarding kennels.

Firstly, make sure that you really do have to go away and leave your pet at home.

Maybe the trip isn’t 100% necessary, in which case, no more problem.

But let’s assume that you have no choice in the matter.

OK, our next suggestion would be to see if you have any trustworthy friends, family members or neighbours who would look after your pet for you, as this way, your animal can stay at home.

If you choose this approach, then just be careful that the people you ask to care for your pet don’t have dogs or cats themselves who currently have any health issues, as viruses such as Parvo, as well as some parasites, are incredibly easy to transmit from dog to dog.

Next on the list, you could consider hiring a professional pet-sitting service.

The advantage of this option is, again, that your pet stays at home, in a familiar environment, and without having to be surround by loads of other animals who may or may not have communicable health problems.

(And just because an animal has been vaccinated does not mean that they aren’t sick. In the thousands of Parvo cases we’ve helped treat, a large number of those dogs were vaccinated for the virus, but still got sick – and in fact, many actually got the virus because of the vaccine!)

Anyway, we’ve found two companies that appear to be trustworthy: offers pet sitting services, as well as dog walking, grooming and more.

They have a free membership option, with restricted access to their services (e.g. database search, post your requirements), and a premium membership that gives you full access (e.g. background checks).


Sittercity is the third and final company we’ve found, and they too offer the same basic range of services as the first two – i.e. pet sitting, as well as other care services.

What these services are essentially doing is matching up people who need care (whether it’s for their pets or a family member, for example) with people who can provide that care.

With all of these services, the rates you are charged will depend on various factors, so we unfortunately can’t give you any further information on this subject, but we would have to say, what price peace of mind knowing that you’ve not poisoned your pet with toxic chemicals?

Now, the next option would be to see if you can take your pet with you when you travel, and for this, we’ve unearthed a few resources that you may find useful.

To start with, there is a hotel / motel chain called Motel 6 / Studio 6, where they welcome pets – provided that they are “well-behaved” and/or are service dogs. (This is currently free at Motel 6, although Studio 6 do charge a small fee.)

Motel 6 / Studio 6

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of dog-friendly hotels, then check out Official Pet Hotels.

Official Pet Hotels

And lastly, here are three books that you may find useful on your travels:

Dog Friendly Lodging Guide

Dog Friendly Lodging Guide

Dog Friendly Lodging Guide - California And The West

Dog Friendly Lodging Guide – California And The West

Vacationing With Your Pet US And Canada

Vacationing With Your Pet US And Canada

If you absolutely have to board your pet when you go away, then try to find a holistic kennel or cattery, as the people who operate these establishments will understand the many dangers of chemical and vaccinations, and they will not insist on you injecting a bunch of toxic chemicals into your animal before they’ll look after them for you.

And finally, remember that we do not believe in vaccinating your animals, ever, under any circumstances.

You would be shocked if you saw how few animals some of these vaccines are tested on, and for how little time, and even if only one dog in a million dies because of an adverse reaction, that’s little comfort if it happens to be your dog.

The key to a healthy pet is to keep their immune system as strong as you can, and for that, we offer the following advice:

  1. Never let your pet ingest chemicals of any type. This includes no vaccinations, no traditional dewormers, no mass-market dog food, and no household / garden products such as bleach, weedkillers, etc.
  2. Always feed your dog a high-quality dog food. The only one we will use with our own dog is Triumph. (Check out the video on the home page of that site, and we guarantee you’ll be both shocked and angry at what these big companies can get away with.)
  3. Give your pet a full detox at least twice a year, and also administer a daily maintenance dose to keep them free from bugs and parasites, and to keep their immune systems strong. For this, we use our Daily Maintenance Kit.

There you have it – a few options on how to avoid having to give your pet unnecessary and potentially life-threatening vaccinations.

If there are other options or companies not listed above, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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