Kennel Cough Remedy


As you should have guessed by now, we seek out natural, organic, chemical-free solutions to health issues and we look for planet-friendly products as well. Kennel Cough is no different.

Since viruses are getting stronger and more resistant to typical treatment protocols, you will find that most antibiotics are not very effective in even treating secondary infections, let alone doing anything about the virus itself.

Kennel Cough Symptoms are not life-threatening, but will have your pet in discomfort that he should not have to endure. We don’t believe in a Kennel Cough Vaccination so we had to find an alternative.

We found a very cost-effective product that will help your dog get over the Kennel Cough in a few days. The product is liquid, which means oral administration – so no dangerous needles.

The dosage is very easy – just place a few drops in his food or in some liquid that he likes, a few times a day, and you will see him good as new.

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Primalix KC Herbal Extract Formula will:

  • Treat 4 medium dogs as it comes in a large 4oz bottle
  • It only has to be given 3 times a day
  • It takes just a few treatments to see a noticeable difference
  • Your dog will start to feel much better and the symptoms will disappear very quickly
  • Your product will be promptly shipped via USPS Priority Mail
  • The standard bottle is under $50, however you can save if you buy a combo pack

Get started today. Get Primalix KC for a safe natural Canine Kennel Cough Treatment.

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5 Responses to “Kennel Cough Remedy”

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  2. John says:

    This is dangerously irresponsible of you people. Shame on you for using scare tactics so you can make a buck. Everyone visiting this website, vaccinate your dog(s) just don’t over vaccinate them. You don’t need a bordetella shot every six months, a year is fine. If you board your dog(s) find a place that doesn’t insist on every 6 months. And for Gods sake absolutely vaccinate for Parvo, it’s deadly. Stay away from big chain Vets, find a good Vet you can trust, ask friends, co workers, ect. Word of mouth/references is the best tool to finding one. I’ve had dogs for 40 years and never once have had any trouble with vaccines. They do run a risk for a small percentage, side effects are possible in all areas of medicine, people and animals. Not vaccinating at all is much more dangerous and risky.

  3. Rae and Mark says:

    It’s all very well to talk about theory like that, but we’ve dealt first hand with people who have lost their pets because of vaccinations (e.g. Parvo), and what makes matters even worse is the fact that the vets and vaccine manufacturers refuse to even admit that their so-called panaceas for all ills just might be dangerous.

    And quite frankly, even if the odds of your dog or cat being killed by a vaccine were one in a billion, if your pet happens to be that one in a billion, what consolation is that?

    In fact, if the odds were that extreme, then you’d probably feel even worse – a one in a billion chance, so why did it have to be my pet that died?

    As for scare tactics, then you should read the experiences of people whose pets have been affected by Bordetella vaccines. We feel sure they’ll be very receptive to your “I’m all right, Jack” view about vaccines and the damage they cause.

    Maybe you’ll change your mind when it’s one of your dogs that dies because of a vaccine? Or maybe you’ll chalk it up to bad luck, when you could have prevented it by not injecting a load of toxic chemicals into your trusting pet?

  4. Jeff says:

    Well I’m the latest pet owner who thru recent experience found out “vaccines don’t work” in preventing Kennel Cough. She has been vaccinated twice a year to protect her. Nasty stuff, doesn’t matter much knowing its usually not fatal while your friend is suffering from a case of it. Thinking how did she get it after all she was vaccinated for it. Trust me the vet will not be getting more of my money for kennel cough vaccines. Oh and by the way it was a bad not mild case of kennel Cough.

  5. Rae and Mark says:


    We are, of course, sorry to hear about your pet. As you can read here, you aren’t the first person to experience this, and sadly, you probably won’t be the last.

    We receive a lot of feedback from people who tell us that we’re wrong about vaccines and they they’re perfectly safe, and we only wish we could put these people face-to-face with pet owners such as yourself, who have found out the hard way that vaccines are far from being the panacea to all ills. As you say, it doesn’t matter if the odds of adverse reactions are 1 in 10 million if your dog is the one that gets sick (or dies), but this is a perspective that many people just don’t get (although we’re sure they will when it happens to their own pets).

    The best we can suggest is to give her a good detox to flush the chemicals out of her system.

    Also, you may want to check exactly what’s in the food that you feed her, as most of the mass-market commercial food contains a load of ingredients that have no business being in cat or dog food. We use Triumph with our own dogs, although the same company also do a cat food too.

    We hope she recovers soon.

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