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This guide should help you determine if you are seeing kennel cough symptoms (dogs’ version) or could your dog have some other conditions such as dog flu or perhaps even dog pneumonia?

The symptoms of kennel cough from your perspective will seem extremely disconcerting. You will see your dog experience an upper respiratory condition that produces any or all of the following:

  • Dry hacking cough that is constant (all hours of the day and night) – this sounds deep like something is stuck in his throat
  • Dog wheezing, gagging, and sometimes vomiting after excitement
  • Dog congestion, sneezing, and snorting
  • Basically it sounds similar to when humans have the flu and have a “bad coughing spell”

Most of us have experienced a bad flu at one time or another and we know and understand how horrible this condition is. Now when you hear that distinctive canine cough (or puppy cough as this problem can affect dogs of all ages) you may wonder how your dog got this condition in the first place.

The Kennel Cough virus is highly contagious and super easy to transmit from one animal to the next. Typically when dogs are in close proximity to large groups of dogs, the hygiene of their area is not disinfected properly, and just one dog has the virus, then the rest will come down with it rather quickly.

You will see this in grooming shops, boarding kennels, puppy mills (dog breeders), dog parks, doggie day care, etc. The incubation is 2-14 days so you might not see symptoms immediately following exposure.

If your dog has any of the classic symptoms listed above, then what should you do: get a Kennel Cough Vaccination or look for a Kennel Cough Treatment?

Kennel Cough Vaccine

Yes there is one, come on, in this country vaccinations are marketed as the end all cure all panacea, so why not have one for dogs (and one for cats too)?

Here’s a refresher on how vaccinations work. You take millions of virus particles, add a toxic chemical cocktail that contains mercury (which is poisonous in any form in any amount) that is specifically engineered to “lower” or destroy the dog’s immune system for a couple of weeks. This supposedly triggers antibodies; well guess what typically happens in this experiment?

Tons of animals are coming down with really bad cases of Kennel Cough, Bordetella, or Parvo, or whatever the vaccination is meant to protect against. Sadly, many animals are dying from these unnecessary vaccinations. Have you seen the horror stories on our Bordetella Vaccine page? Perfectly healthy animals get vaccinated and within hours become sick and, some gave their life – and for what?

Kennel Cough and Bordetella are NOT life-threatening! Please re-read this a few times.

However, when you introduce a super-potent chemical cocktail with millions of virus particles, then you are putting your animals in grave peril.

And if all the possible side-effects weren’t bad enough, many people are self-administering, or, at the insistence of their vet, giving shots to animals that have been exposed – but not yet showing symptoms. This is by far one of the worst things you could ever do or have done to your animal. If he has the virus in his system, then a vaccination will almost, in 99% of the time, bring out the full-blown virus.

Problem is, you may not know that he has the virus and with millions of virus particles and the chemicals that destroy his immune system, then he has no chance under this type of attack.

As far as we’re concerned, vaccinations cause way more problems than they could ever solve. Think about it, where on Earth would your dog ever come in contact with millions of virus particles, plus a so-called delivery system that is nothing but toxic chemicals that destroys his ability to fight off the virus and leaves him wide open for any and all germs, bacteria, other viruses, parasites, etc. that are in the environment, and have this injected directly into his blood stream? There’s only one place you’ll find something so grotesque and that’s in a lab. You won’t find this as any kind of naturally occurring part of nature.

Vaccinations are man-made and there is an agenda – primarily this is a cash cow, plain and simple. A vet will spend zero to under a dollar for a vaccine, and will turn around and charge you anywhere from $50 to $100 or more for the shots and the office visit and any other thing they can tack on to the bill. Who wouldn’t want thousands of percent mark-ups for five minutes’ work? But the cash flow does not stop there. Once your dog gets the vaccinations and he experiences side-effects, what will you do? Yep, take him back for yet another office visit fee and much much more.

OK, so what is the alternative?

Look for a Kennel Cough Treatment. How about a Kennel Cough Remedy that is safe, gentle, effective, and will not cause any side-effects?

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9 Responses to “Kennel Cough Symptoms”

  1. Pamela Joyce says:

    We had our Pharaoh Hound, Star, vaccinated against kennel cough because the boarding kennels insisted. Two weeks later she died on the day before her seventh birthday. Our Vizslas were vaccinated the week before her but with a later batch number. I am convinced that the vaccine that Star was given was faulty.

  2. Rae and Mark says:


    We are, of course, very sorry to hear about Star and, sadly, you’re not the first person whose dog suffered this fate, and you probably won’t be the last.

    It’s hard to tell whether the batch was faulty or contaminated, or whether something else was going on, but you can almost guarantee your vet won’t admit that vaccines can kill animals.

    As for your Vizslas, let’s hope they stay healthy in spite of the shots.

    We always recommend doing a full detox immediately after vaccinations, as this helps to flush the chemicals in the vaccines out of the dog’s system. You might like to check out our Daily Maintenance Kit, which will let you do a detox, as well as daily doses to keep their immune systems strong.

  3. Joe says:

    this website is such a joke. It is NOT typical that dogs which get vaccines are going to get really sick. SOME do yes, but definitely not typical.

  4. Rae and Mark says:

    Joe, it’s your views on vaccinations that are the joke, although we hope any pets you may don’t have to pay for the fact that you’ve been brainwashed by the medical profession and the corporate drug pushers.

    Firstly, we never said it’s typical – the fact that it happens at all is bad enough.

    And if you read the comments from other readers, some people’s dogs aren’t just getting ” really sick”, they’re actually dying because of these so-called “safe vaccinations”.

    But here’s the point – it doesn’t matter if 1 in 1,000,000 dogs get sick or die, if it’s your dog that it affects.

    Are those your words of comfort to all the people who have lost their pets because of vaccinations: “don’t worry, this is not typical, you were just unlucky”?

    Maybe you’re willing to take that risk with your dogs, but we’re certainly not!

    And BTW, the problem is even worse with Canine Parvo – why don’t you read what happened to one of our customers and then see how you would feel if those were your own dogs.

  5. Athan Middleton says:

    Another remedy must try is Cinnamon with Lime – The vitamin C in the lime can help boost and strengthen your immune system and helps on how to stop a cough. Cinnamon and lime is also known to be effective in cutting excess phlegm. It is the perfect way on how to stop a cough.

  6. Rae and Mark says:


    Thanks for this info.

    While this may be great for us humans, we can not recommend using it for cats and dogs because citrus fruits can cause diarrhea and/or vomiting. See this website for a list of foods that are not safe for pets:

  7. AJ O'Hare says:

    My Dog Nestle is an English Bull Mastiff and the city I live in confiscated her because they wanted to have a hearing to see if she was a vicious animal. During this 10 day process she was impounded in the county Humane Society and I just got her back 3 days ago. She has a weird cough and it sounds like she is gagging at the end. Is this “Kennel Cough? Will it kill her? And must find out all I can. Please respond A.S.A.P.

  8. Rae and Mark says:


    Yes, it most likely is kennel cough, as that is one of the most common illnesses contracted in kennels.

    The good news is that it is rarely fatal, although we would strongly recommend you treat it immediately.

    For that, the minimum you would need would be a bottle of Primalix KC. You can find out more about that (and order some) here:

    However, as you don’t know what else she may have picked up from the other dogs, we would also strongly advise giving her a full detox, using this Combo 15 kit (which is recommended once or twice a year anyway):

    The one thing you mustn’t do is get her a bordetella shot – rather than helping at this stage, it will only make matters worse (read the article and comments on our Bordetella Vaccine page to see what might happen).

    We hope she gets better soon.

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