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Since we are selling health solutions for very sick pets with highly contagious germs, bacteria, viruses, etc. we cannot accept returns period. The viruses are very easily transmitted and no matter how careful you are, you could be transmitting virus particles on your clothing, shoes, car tires, and the package you wish to return (including new packaged materials).

That means everywhere that package goes, virus particles will drop off and be carried to previously uncontaminated places. So, a package from a location that has contagions will drop off virus particles in the post office, from there any worker coming in contact with that package will then transmit the virus everywhere he goes and it will end up on everything he touches.

To put this into an easy scenario, here something you might not know:

  • The Canine Parvovirus is one of the most horrific deadly viruses that a dog can get (BTW, the latest 2c Strain of the virus can infect cats giving them Feline Distemper, if you think you have Parvo on your property, please visit our sister site for more info), dogs are dying in as little as six (6) hours after initial symptoms appear
  • Parvo can be easily spread, by you, by dogs (vomit, feces, urine, nose-to-nose contact), other animals can bring it onto your yard, such as birds, flies, rodents, cats, etc.
  • Ready for a real shock? In a single gram, which is way smaller than an ounce (0.0352736 fluid ounces) of liquid there are 95 million virus particles and it only takes 100 to infect a dog!

So, the germs today are much stronger than in the past, they are easily defeating most vaccines on the market, and they are becoming increasingly resistant to traditional treatments, we simply cannot take chances. It is not worth the risk of infecting other animals.

This could be condemning them to a death sentence, as many pet owners are not educated enough into what symptoms to look for, and what treatment options are available, so that by the time they figure all of this out their pet could lose his life because the owner came in contact with an infected package and the virus made its way onto their property.

Therefore with such high risk factors we CANNOT accept any returns and ALL Sales are final. Just consider, most vets will not accept opened/used medicines for similar reasons, they have no way to ensure those medications have not been contaminated.

Now, on a brighter note, most of the products we sell have multiple purposes, for example, the Vibactra Plus and the Life Cell Support can be used to get rid of most common parasites, such as roundworms, giardia, coccidia, and many others, as well as they can be used as a single-daily maintenance dose to help keep your pets Immune System running high. Find out what we do to keep our dogs out of the vet’s office.

The products have 4&#43 year shelf life, so they will not go to waste by any means.

Order in confidence on our secured page, your information will not be shared, or sold.

Please read our Privacy Policy and our Terms Of Use for more details.

NOTE: Once you add your items to the cart, you will complete this transaction on our sister site.


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